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Alumni Activities

Alumni Activities are thought to create contents and knowledge. They aim to learn different kinds of working, to promote networking and, in short, they want to favour the professional growing of all Elisava Alumni community.


This is the reason why we have designed three kinds of activities (visits, cases and tools) with professionals coming from different sectors. They give their perspectives and their way of working with the aim of providing relevant valuable contents to all the School's fields.

  • Alumni Visits: a certain amount of visits to unique spaces will be planed. Participants will be able to see how professionals in the different fields of design and engineering work. It may be an ideas lab, a factory, a publisher... Example: Visit to elBulliLab


  • Alumni Cases: the most renowned professionals in design and engineering, many of them Alumni of ELISAVA, will be invited to explain us about their innovative projects, their success and the synergies between fields. Example: Visit to David Ruiz Studio


  • Alumni Tools: several brief training sessions will be planed. They will be about professional development, entrepreneurship, tools and platforms to show you as a professional, etc. It all aims to provide contents related to the world of work for our Alumni Bold and for Elisava Alumni community more broadly. Example: Houzz Workshop