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ELISAVA is an open cosmopolitan centre, with debates and networking, that has promoted culture, design and engineering development for more than half a century. Within this context, ELISAVA’s choir, also known as Cor 4 18, is a recently created group that transmits the School’s spirit: compromise, innovation, dynamism, positive energy, comradeship, working culture, discipline, effort…

This group was formed in January 2015 from a workshop developed at ELISAVA. In this regard, the school also has a theatre group that is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.Cor 4 18 is made up of 26 members between the ages of 17 and 55, including ELISAVA’s students, teachers, and other staff. The choir is conducted by Toni Solé, who teaches piano and singing. He is also the main singer of the group Allioli and a member of the vocal group Deu deVeu.
Their name reflects their heterogeneity. Each one of the members comes from different disciplines and this diversity is shown in their name: 4 18 is one of the Pantone’s colours. Every member of the groups represents a colour. When joining all the colours, a dark grey came out. This turn out to be 4 18, according to Pantone. However, they add: “We are not only a colour, we are a party. We are 4 18”.
This group is always ready to assume challenges, as they showed at their debut in April 2015, when they participated at different representations of the adaptation of “La Divina Comedia”, carried out by the School’s theatre group. It was received with enthusiasm by the audience.
Once they had succeeded in this challenge, the strong desire of success of Cor 4 18 moved them forward: Why don’t we submit to the third edition of the TV programme «Oh Happy Day»? So they did it, and they were selected together with 19 other groups, which were chosen from 45 candidates. It has just begun!