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Cristal Palace

Various authors
Postgraduate in Interior Design for Hotels and New Hostelling

Authors: Daniela Viveros Gómez, Noelia Tavárez Lora, Karina Rosario Peguero, Marcela García Sanclemente

From analysis of the client, the area where the hotel is situated and the people who frequent it, we concluded that it would be appropriate to create a space that was related to culture, art and leisure. Based on this and on the hotel's original name, Cristal Palace, a construction that allowed a visual continuity between interior and exterior and in which glass interacts in interesting ways with the sun, a mixed space was conceptualised: hotel + exhibitions and events gallery.  It is designed in a way to be a tribute to its name, where the protagonists are transparencies, semi-transparencies and light. Glass, light and colour, their characteristics and different interactions, between themselves and with the human body, are used to produce sensations in each space.