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Rocío Gambín and Javier Masa
Postgraduate in Furniture Design for Communities, Contract and Urban


L’OBSERVATEUR is a lamp, a look to the sky, an observatory that exchanges its role with the stars and it becomes the light source. It is a curious fusion between inspiration from the technological world and the most archaic idiosyncrasy of the ceramic material.

The start of the research, the guiding threat that lead to the development of the final piece, was the reflection on the ambient lighting from everyday objects like candles and its adaptation to the LED world.

The final result, which is not close to what it was the leitmotiv, is an object halfway between spotlight and decorative light that is divided in two options: one that is clean and cold with smooth forms, and the other one warmer and with an aspect that is visually more complex. Their combination creates indeed a pleasant combination.

L’OBSERVATEUR is made with a pottery wheel and is painted with shiny white varnish. The bottom part is a turned wooden disk with a 4W integrated LED circuit.

The lighting data are: 4w, 300lm and 4000K.