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Oriol Bertomeu Torrent
Javier Peña
Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

The objective of the «Morph» project is to develop a prosthesis of a myoelectric hand which is more affordable for patients, when compared to the ones that can be found nowadays in the market (30,000 and 100,000 €). The method to achieve the goal consists of re-conceptualizing and simplifying the conventional prosthesis, trying to look for an inspiration in nature and in the new technologies.

The result is «Morph», a myoelectric prostheses entirely manufactured with laser sintering, using Polyamide as the base material. The objective of using the laser sintering in the production process is the free morphology that can be given to the pieces when manufacturing them, reducing the cost of its whole production and making it easy to repair it on specific occasions. This manufacturing technology makes it possible to adapt the prosthesis to the exact size of the patient, with some simple modifications in the digital parameters of the piece.

The project concludes with a functional prototype which is able to carry out a wide range of movements.

Jury Valuation
The project has obtained the maximum punctuation of the jury in every single criteria taken into account: conceptualization, innovation, functionality, development, methodology and social viability.