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Pau Romagosa Calatayud
Javier Peña
Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

Step Lux, the ceramic tile designed by the student Pau Romagosa, that transforms the mechanical energy into electricity, will be presented during the Greencities & Sustainability Forum – Intelligence Applied to the Urban Sustainability, next Thursday 2nd of October in Málaga.

StepLux is a new device that generates energy that is included in the concept of Smart Cities and that uses piezoelectric materials to transform the mechanical energy of the pedestrians that circulate on it into electricity. Pau’s project generates 22mW per impact, what is equal to generating an hour of light with 1000 impacts. Its use is based on the exploitation of the new energetic resources, becoming a renewable energy resource that is not currently being exploited.

The presentation of Step Lux in the Greencities& Sustainability Forum is in care of Dr. Javier Peña, head of studies of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design, with the title: «Step-Lux: Transforming the mechanical energy into electricity: move, walk…to illuminate».  

The project was carried out with the partnership of Materfad, with the collaboration of LEITAT and has the support of the Barcelona City Council through the Energy Agency in Barcelona. It is also part of the exhibition Smart Flexibility, which can be visited in the FAD until the 16th of November.

Additionally, Pau’s project was awarded with an Ei! Award as the Best Final Degree Project in the Category of Product Development in the last edition of the awards organized by the School.

The Greencities & Sustainability forum, that this year celebrates its 5th edition, is a professional space of high specialization in energetic efficiency in building and in urban spaces based on three fundamental topics to transform a city into a Greencity: building, energetic efficiency and smart cities.