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Katerina Vailyeva

It has a lot of future and I can see that it is very useful

I liked this course because I came without knowing anything about computer graphics. I am studying product design and I did a class about this. I did not do much in that class, but I liked the subject and I came here thinking that they would teach me more. They have done it and I liked a lot the teacher, he’s always with students teaching programs and tricks. In addition, he also showed us web pages and online programs that we can use in our future projects. I know that I will use these resources in these moments of my life. The teacher has told us that it has a lot of future and I can see that it is very useful. I like how he talks, I understand him perfectly and he seems a very nice person. Last year I already got information about ELISAVA, I saw that it was the university that I wanted to go to and, as soon as I saw the course, I did not hesitate. I have been very interested, especially because of the teacher, who has a reputation and experience. I would recommend ELISAVA to anyone interested in studying this field.