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Michelle Marín

Every teacher had very good examples and different points of view

I liked the course and the fact of having different teachers to teach us different things. Not only one person knows everything about all subjects. I wish it was longer, it all happened very fast, but I liked it a lot. It has been helpful; every teacher has come with the classes prepared, with very good examples and different points of view. A friend recommended it to me, she told me how it was and I liked it, so I signed up, and I would recommend it too. I study a degree in New York and this course is a complement. The atmosphere of the course has been similar to that of a workshop, which I was already used to it in the United States. The fact that it was in Barcelona also helped me to decide, because I would like to live in Europe for some years and as soon as I saw this course that was quite open, I decided to come here.