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'Chairs in La Rambla' returns!

In the morning
La Rambla (in front of Arts Santa Mònica)


Next Friday, March 9, as every year for the last 27 years, the chairs designed by our students of the 1st year of the Degree in Design will take La Rambla de Barcelona.

More than a hundred of this furniture will be able to be seen and touched in the middle of the street, in a collective act that wants to share with citizens the creation of this everyday object that is, in turn, an icon of design.

The challenge of our students, once again, has been to design and build these more than 100 chair models using pieces of plywood of one centimetre thick, and coupling them without any fixing element such as screws or nails. 

La Rambla as a dialogue space

In a time of remodeling and revitalization of this public space of the city, the chairs will work as a space for dialogue between neighbours and visitors.

The chairs will be placed in different positions in order to provoke different uses of the public space, such as long lines to contemplate life at the Rambles - as the ones that were at Rambla Canaletes - or groups of chairs that will allow group conversations.

Books with questions about the use of public spaces and the coexistence of tourism and citizens will be provided, whose aim is to promote dialogue and the exchange of experiences. These books will include historical images of the residents themselves, which can trigger the memories of the locals and start discussions, as well as contributions from the visitors. These testimonies, experiences and opinions could be written down in different notebooks, and the data collected will help to continue the discussion in a Speakers' Corner format, organized by GÒ Acció Cultural.

Come next March 9th and try the chairs of our students. We’ll be expecting you in La Ramblanear the Arts Santa Mónica.