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CrowdDays, the European crowdfunding event, gives you the keys to launch your own projects

09.11.2017 to 10.11.2017
Several schedules (check the festival's website below)


Do you want to be an entrepreneur with the help of collective funding?

On November 9th and 10th, Barcelona will hold the CrowdDays, the most important event on crowdfunding in the South of Europe. It will take place in ACCIÓ Agència per la competitivitat de l’empresa of the Government of Catalonia.

The Conference includes, among other activities, workshops, networking sessions, and conferences about crowdfunding, like the one hold by Gemma Izamuni, ELISAVA student, and Valentí Acconcia, responsible for the project SOO sensitive, with a successful campaign of crowdfunding for funding the manufacture of the product.

Do you want to attend? If you are a student of professor at ELISAVA, you have a 50 % off. For more information, drop by the Communication Department at the School (1st floor, in front of Unitat de Gestió Acadèmica).