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DesisLab ELISAVA participates in the project 'Breadway' at Matera 2019

01.06.2018 to 02.06.2018


Breadway is the project created by Murgiamadre focused both on the traditions and innovations in design that aims to highlight the importance of food as a cultural system of thinking and as an artistic expression of Matera's identity.

DesisLab will focus on showcasing the variety of stamps and their usages in a different way: the ones that were initially thought for marking bread, nowadays are models for an innovative and artistic prospective of creative processes and thinking through design. The project means to be a bridge between the traditional art and the co-creation process, field in which DesisLab ELISAVA has a long-standing tradition

The team is lead by Prof. Arianna Mazzeo, head of DesisLab ELISAVA, with the support of the Academic Director Dr. Albert Fuster and in association with ‘La Nave’, collective represented by ELISAVA's former students Ignacio Ezcurra and Claire Romain with the supervision of the architect Daria de Seta. Marzio Veno, from Lottaroz Media Agency (Stockholm) will be in charge of the external communication coordination.

Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019

The city will be the open scenario where design, ethnography and food will be integrated in a long-term strategy oriented to new narratives of research. All the DesisLab team aims to foster a full citizen participation through art, performance and more inclusive ways of learning and researching through design.

Open talks, conferences, workshops and activities will fill  the neighborhood of Piccianello on the 1st and 2nd of June under the title "Impact through design. UN SDGs and Societal Challenges. The system design-food perspective". This event is the result of the union of  design and society experts, the Municipality of Matera, citizens and ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale).

The project's final results will take place in March 2019 in the public space of the city of Matera. We recommend to follow Murgiamadre and ELISAVA's Social Media for more news and updates on this event.