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ELISAVA hosts the international conference Design Principles & Practices

05.03.2018 to 07.03.2018
Various schedules (TBC)
ELISAVA (La Rambla, 30-32)


ELISAVA will host, between March 5 and 7, the 12th edition of the international conference Design Principles & Practices, the interdisciplinary forum that explores the meaning and purpose of design.

Founded in 2007, the meeting seeks to build a transdisciplinary dialogue, encompassing a wide range of paradigms and design practices, based on four key characteristics: Internationalism, Interdisciplinarity, Inclusion and Interaction.

2018 Special Focus: No Boundaries Design

Design Principles & Practices 2018 will focus on the No Boundaries Design. It often seems that we are losing awareness of what our future might be and our active role in its building.

What will be our identities, needs or expectations? Designers can play a unique role in answering this and other questions, by facilitating debate, reflection and transformative actions, assuming a social and political role, defining our material world and transforming large scale real issues.

This means to work in ways that overpass any established boundaries between cultures, disciplines, social rules and political places, and raising new questions. How can design play a role in giving people the voice to choose their own way of thinking and acting, themselves to be agents of change within and beyond boundaries?

In this context, this edition will present researches on:

  • Design Education
  • Design in Society
  • Designed Objects
  • Visual Design
  • Design Management and Professional Practice
  • Architectonic, Spatial and Environmental Design