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Second edition of "The avant-garde of graphic design in Catalonia"

Sala Aleix Carrió

The ELISAVA's Graphic Design area organizes the second edition dedicated to the avant-garde of graphic design in Catalonia, a highly valuable but little examined period in the history of graphic design, that corresponds to the first third of the 20th century.

Several speakers will expose authors and peculiarities of what we know as pre-war graphic design, the 30 year interval that preceded the Spanish civil war, a period full of social and political divisiveness, but prosperous in creativity.

On this occasion, the lecturers will be the graphic comedian Jaume Capdevila "Kap", who will focus on the press field; the designer Pau Medrano, who will focus on the advertisement field; and the anthropologist Andrés Antebi, that will talk about propaganda.

Considering graphic design as a relatively young and unstable discipline, all too often focused on formalism and style as an end, the exposition of its historical context can help us to enrich it in different areas, beginning with the acquisition of one's own disciplinary culture, understood as the visual culture that should give arguments to a solid intellectual reflection.

Second, in the establishment of existing relationships between contemporary visual languages ​​and their predecessors understanding their social, economic and technological contexts. And, finally, to emphasize that the design evolves parallel to circumstances that occur in its surroundings.