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Ezio Manzini directs the global project 'Design for City Making' in the framework of DESIS Lab ELISAVA



Prof. Ezio Manzini start working with DESIS Lab ELISAVA since 1st September 2018 as active member of the Lab to lead the global project 'Design for City Making' together with ELISAVA.

The project aim to investigate how design for city-making can play a role in generating, or regenerating, urban fabric. They start with 2 workshops on this theme in Shanghai, organised by the Tongji DESIS Lab, and a new one will take place in Barcelona at the Elisava DESIS Lab in December 2018 together with the faculty members leading by Albert Fuster. Other actions will following.

Ezio Manzini and Arianna Mazzeo are leading the International DESIS Network Thematic Cluster 'Design for City Making' refers to design research activities,  across the cities of Shanghai, Milano, New York, London, Capetown and Barcelona.