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The library exhibits a selection of avant-garde books of the Czech inter-war period



Until the end of the course, the School's library will hold and exhibition of avant-garde books of the Czech inter-war period that depict the two aesthetic trends that live together during this period.

The Czech editorial world experience its renewal during the period of 1920-1940, when a whole new generation of artists got together at the Devětsil society, highly connected to the European avant-garde.  The graphic design of their books was exceedingly interesting, since the society presented two different aesthetic trends: Poetism, which praised the subjective essence of the creative act; and Constructivism, which aimed to objectivity and the standardization of mass production.

These two trends are reflected in the graphic design of the books presented at the exhibition, with the subtle typographic compositions of Karel Teige and Vit Obrtel, or in the photographic covers of Ladislav Sutnar, using the New Typography language.