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Students of the Master in Art Direction of ELISAVA participate in the design of the new uniforms of FGC



In the framework of the "FGC Innovest" project of Ferrocarrils of the Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), the students of the Master in Art Direction of ELISAVA have participated in the redefinition of the corporate clothing of the Ferrocarrils staff.

The initiative has used an innovative and collaborative format coordinated by the company Eumo_DC, directed by Jordi Cano, teacher of the School and Director of the mentioned masters and other programs such as the Master in Advertising Design and Communication or the Master in Design and Audiovisual Creativity (SISOMO).

Under the motto "Teixint Idees, Connectant Persones", the proposal has had the joint work of innovation companies (Eurecat), specialists in various areas of experience in trends and user experience, as well as the FGC team.