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Success of the first ELISAVA Design Attitudes


ELISAVA Design Attitudes


The debut of ELISAVA Design Attitudes was very well received, with more than 130 participants of the design world. None of them wanted to miss this forum with the aim of being a key referent in the definition of the role of design in the future, as well as ELISAVA as the trainer of agents of change.


The event started with 4 keynotes or presentations carried out by 4 professionals that embody the 4 attitudes towards the design, which were defined for the occasion: Daniel Hervás from SEAT (Conscious); Ariel Guersenzvaig from MUDIC replacing Aleix Inglès (Engaged); Verònica Fuerte from Hey Studio (Rebel); and Ana Zelich from Mediapro Exhibitions (Resilient). You can watch their interventions here.



The conference continued with 4 interactive workshops or challenges for each attitude, led, each one of them, by an Elisava Alumni (Pau Garcia, Guillermo Santomá, Diego Quiroga and Marta Fernández) and an ELISAVA teacher (Jessica Fernández, Oscar Tomico, Tona Monjo and Ariel Guersenzvaig).

Conscious: under the motto of making the companies more transparent and of approaching the consumer, two final projects: Mercadona 2.0 and the future of Volkswagen.

Rebel: under the motto of re-thinking the mobile case and adding a critique to its use, daring solutions were suggested based on the reachable materials.

Resilient: suggested from the idea of digitalization of society and automatization, the project ‘happiness bubble’ sets out the ethical use of data and the positive return for the people.

Engaged: empowering projects and facilitation of the environment for people with reduced mobility, like, for example, glasses with sensory technologies used in the automobile sector. 


Design Attitudes Survey

The Design Attitudes Survey was launched with a lot of curiosity and acceptation by the participants, who could reflect on the way they face their practice as designers, with the discovering of their profile and proportion of the four attitudes. More than 100 people could visualize their results in the interactive installation Design Attitudes Display.

Results of the collective reading:

Conscious: 29%
Engaged: 23% 
Rebel: 17%
Resilient: 31%

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From left to right: Ariel Guersenzvaig (MUDIC); Ana Zelich (Mediapro Exhibitions); Daniel Hervás (SEAT); and Verònica Fuerte (Hey Studio).

From left to right: Javier Peña, General Director of ELISAVA; Pau Garcia (Domestic Data Streamers); Guillermo Santomá; Diego Quiroga (Anima Barcelona); and Albert Fuster, Academic Director of ELISAVA.