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Diego Nakamatsu

Director of Nakamatsu i Associats SLP

Professor of GDIS

Diego Nakamatsu Shiira is an architect. He initiated his studies in Graphic Design and Advertising in 1986. He participates in the design of advertising stands and with this experience, in 1991, he begins his Architecture’s Degree. He combines this degree with continuous professional collaborations. Between 1994 and 1997 his travels and work related to the city of Barcelona begin. From 1997 to 1999 he is head of architectural projects at Rosario City Hall (Argentina). Eventually, in 1999 he comes to live in Catalonia permanently.

His most outstanding works are: second place Castellón Train Station competition (1995), County Centre West Rosario (1999, built), award built work Architecture Trienal of Ebro CCEE Tortosa (2002, built), first place Burn Unit Vall d’Hebron (2006, built), first plac CAP Manresa (2007, built), first place remodeling Pius Hospital of Valls (2010, under construction), first place Cultural Centre Mar del Plata (2012), Ivan Mañero Clinic (2014, built), Cafeteria Joan XXIII Tarragona (2015, built), Patagonia Tourist Complex (2016, under construction.)

He is currently in charge of Nakamatsu i Associats SLP. Since 2004 he is a professor of ELISAVA.

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