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Welcome from the General Director


On my behalf and on behalf of all of the people that are part of ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, we welcome and invite you to meet our home, our academic project and our activities. 




In ELISAVA we’ve been encouraging the bond between design, engineering and society for more than a half century, in a continuous training of international outlook. Our method, based on the project culture, brings the necessary competences in order to integrate the creative process with the technological development, thinking with doing, the academy with the industry and dreaming with reality.

With a great commitment to research, in ELISAVA, centre affiliated to Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), you will find a board course offering for all of those people interested in creation, innovation and technology, design and engineering, who imagine new ways of understanding and facing the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s society. People like you, eager to develop the present and to prefigure the future.

We do it by being part of the local scenario and taking into account the global one. By helping to strengthen our social and industrial environment, by supporting an international outlook based on the exchange and transference of knowledge, with other international universities and partnerships with foreign companies and institutions. New methods, new ways, new visions that help us to be what we are, to be where we are and to grow.

Every year more than 2.200 students from all over the world enjoy and build the project of ELISAVA in continuously evolving and growing facilities, which are located in the heart of Barcelona, city of design and creation. A project that would not be possible without prestigious professionals of the international scene and, obviously, without the more than 800 professors specialized in the fields of design, engineering and communication that by bringing energy, criteria and knowledge will make you feel the projects and thrill you with the effort and passion for a good work.

The high percentage of work placements of our students is a proof of the expertise and the wise choice of our academic project, which guarantees the connecting link between a continuous training platform and the economic sector linked to design and innovation.

With these words we want to open ELISAVA’s doors to you, we want to make you a participant of the project and to invite you to enjoy the best design and engineering that exists in Barcelona. We would like to rely on you. Do you want to be thrilled?


Javier Peña (PhD)
General Director
Fundació ELISAVA