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Educational Project


The educational project ELISAVA proposes is based on longstanding experience: fifty years of teaching within the design and engineering fields, which have always been seen as a modernising and transforming instrument of society.

Motivated to motivate. In our classrooms, the real protagonists are the students. And our teacher's goal is to motivate them to assume full powers.

Our educational mission is to provide the students with a university training that prepares them to overcome challenges in an international context, and promotes our community’s relationship with businesses, institutions, and society.

Our educational plan reacts to these challenges, by means of a model that no other school in the country follows. One of the clearly differentiating elements in ELISAVA’s educational plan is interaction, at the very school, between design and engineering disciplines. This is a holistic approach in which creation and technology coexist; innovation in design, and innovation in engineering.

Currently, these disciplines are conditioned by a series of key factors with a myriad of implications (new communication platforms, new design requirements, new technologies, climate change, new materials used in design, refurbishment and rebuilding, etc.), which affect both creative and more technological processes.

Each of these areas inspires and informs design and engineering disciplines, but none of them suffices on their own to foster responsible action and respond to the various scales of complexity they entail. The interaction that occurs at ELISAVA between communication, product, technology and architecture allows us to tackle the entire design process from the idea stage to project definition, including its development.

Excellence in teaching

ELISAVA trains future professionals, always keeping in mind not only specialisation in their field of knowledge, but also personal development. The school has always been committed to a pioneer system of a teaching community based on three pillars: a body of over 700 working professionals; an internal team of academics, doctors linked to the world of design, engineering, architecture, communication, etc.; and a diverse group of renowned experts in the business world, who can convey their expertise and turn them into basic skills for our students. All of their experience combines with their extensive teaching experience.

Their close ties with the professional world enables our students to broaden their horizons, always with a specific and open vision of the realities shaping modern society.

It is an open, diverse and cosmopolitan network of co-workers for a total of 2,000 students. Lecturers teach small groups, where classes are converted into meticulous follow-up tutorials. The theory and practice are taught through real-life projects, while teachers highlight the latest workplace developments. The convergence of this melting pot of cultures and identities inspires creativity and encourages new ideas. 

Students hone their talents and critical thinking not only in the classroom. ELISAVA classes also include visits to companies and institutions, onsite projects, presentations, discussion, etc. various methodologies where the city becomes a laboratory for exploration and analysis.

We teach to learn, innovate, observe and investigate to respond to the needs of a changing global society.