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ELISAVA. This is Partnership


The companies turn to ELISAVA seeking alternatives to the traditional sources of business innovation. Studying the creation of new options that have not been considered yet allow to add design to business components. These projects provide companies with an opportunity to identify the most brilliant students, whilst ELISAVA can meet companies’ demand for innovative talent.

Objectives of the collaborations 

Cooperation with the professional sector is beneficial for both the school’s students and the companies. Among others, it allows to:

  • Offer companies and institutions ELISAVA’s potential in the areas of design and engineering for the implementation of research and innovation projects.
  • Increase the excellence of the training of ELISAVA's students by providing them with real spaces for learning.
  • Contribute to the generation and transfer of knowledge from the university to the business and institutional sectors.
  • Facilitate contact between companies and institutions and ELISAVA’s young talented students as future top-quality professionals.
  • Provide customized education at ELISAVA for the professional sector leading to the creation of courses able to meet the specific requirements of companies and institutions.
  • Facilitate the selection of ELISAVA students on the basis of the specific profiles companies and institutions require, by means of work placements or employment contracts.