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Access and admission




Admission requirements

In order to apply for a place in the Master's Degree in Design and Communication is necessary to have a credential equivalent to:

  • Bachelor's Degree in engineering or architecture.

  • Graduate Certificate under the new scheme for advanced studies generated within the framework of the European Higher Education Area.

Also, the following profiles can apply to the Master’s Degree in Design and Communication:

  • Graduate, technical engineer, and/or architecture technician. In these cases the awarded degree will not grant access to a PhD programme.

Academic regulations


Students are obligated to register for all the credits required at the master’s degree programme.

The student should formalise registration for the master’s degree within the time periods established by ELISAVA and should bring the original of their diploma as well as the certificate of the academic transcript of records along with all of the aforementioned requirements.

This documentation is compulsory at the moment of formalising registration. The approval of the application for enrollment on the part of ELISAVA is conditioned on the veracity of the data contained in the application, by compliance on the part of the student with the rules requiring that acceptance to the master’s degree programme be finalised by the submission of the original documentation and payment in full of the registration in the form and under the terms established.

Very important

Courses are given in Spanish and English (some classes).
 It is essential that you understand Spanish, as well as to speak, read, and write, in order to follow the lessons of the Master's Degree in Design and Communication (Official Programme).