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Social Impact through Design

Prof. Arianna Mazzeo
Arianna Mazzeo, Philip Kalantzis, Laura Orestano, Antonio Scarponi, Joke Quinteins


Impact through Design: UN SDGS and Societal Challenges. An international design research program co-organized with 30 Design Schools and University worldwide. The program is structured in 3 parts. The Summit, The Open Talk Tour and the specific curricula and research activities through UNSDGs around a series of workshops and meetings all around the world starting from 10 cities of the five continents. The set of actionable UN SDGS goals and activities is part of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in design syllabus and research.



  • To address together how design impacts our society through design curricula and research agenda.
  • To promote the inclusion and reduce inequality with new governance models and decision making on the political agenda to achieve the development of UN SDGs.
  • To promote quality education and amplify the UN SDGs Actions through design for social and cultural impact worldwide