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Master in Healthcare Space Design

Basic data


Master’s Degree in Healthcare Space Design, official Master's Degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF)


Patricio Martínez
Maximià Torruella

ECTS Credits



Year 2019-2020
From September to July.
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
From 5 p.m. to 9.15 p.m.


Spanish. Some materials or lectures will be in English


Year 2019-2020: 10,000 € (plus 400 € registration fee)

Admission requirements

• Designer, architect, building engineer
• University graduate in the Health or Hospitality industry
• Basic design software training
• High level of Spanish


Would you like to be able to project or reform spaces dedicated to the health of people, such as clinics, doctor's office, social care homes, wellness areas, etc.?

Do you want to specialize in an industry of great growth?

Choose the most multidisciplinary training committed to innovation, accessibility and efficiency

As a designer, architect or infrastructure manager you can specialise in the design, reform or management of the creative process of transforming new spaces for health. From an advanced and innovative perspective, focused on the experience of its users, you will know how to give an effective response to the client and to the transformation challenges of our society.

You will learn to work with an analytical, global and multidisciplinary vision, taking care from the setting to the communicative aspects and leading the humanization of the spaces destined to the care and welfare of the people.
You will address issues such as functional complexity, flexibility in the face of continuous change, the incorporation of new technologies, design for all or the use of healthy materials.

You will be part of the group of professionals in charge of the adaptation and modernization of specialized centers for health —hospitals, medical centers, regenerative medicine clinics, etc.—, as well as the growing park of socio-sanitary residences and wellness spaces in the tourism industry.

Patricio Martínez and Maximià Torruella, CEO's of PMMT, a company specializing in architecture and design for the healthcare industry, will assume the academic direction of the new Master in Healthcare Space Design, created to cover an existing gap that has a strong demand and a high specialization.


The objective is to prepare the student to face the creative process, not only solving the organization of the spaces and their setting, but also analysing the habits and modes of use and, consequently, practicing methodologies that encourage the innovation and the development of original concepts, not only of the spaces, but also of the materials, furniture and equipment that are present.

The master will work:

  • Abilities to develop professionally and develop projects in response to corporate and client interests.
  • Critical ability to interpret the business keys of the health sector.
  • Detailed knowledge about the health sector and its value chain.
  • Understanding of the business casuistry of the sector at the current time and future trends.
  • Analytical ability of different practical examples and success cases.
  • Understanding and command of the interior design project space of the sanitary environment.
  • Ability to work as a team.
  • Creative abilities.
  • Ability to communicate projects and ideas.


  • Knowledge of the phases of work and execution of a professional project in the field of interior design of healthcare spaces.
  • Good aptitude for documentary research on the specific field of this study programme.
  • Good resolution in the public expression of ideas and own projects.
  • Assess a professional assignment of the sector in any of its typologies and recognize the real needs of the client.
  • Generate innovative and creative proposals within the objective scope of the programme.
  • Master the entire creative process from the conceptualization to the realization of the project and its perceptual maintenance.
  • Resolve the integration of all the technical facilities that come together in the project.
  • Control of the various disciplines involved, such as medical equipment, furniture, applied graphics, lighting, etc.
  • Master the relationship with the agents involved in the project.
  • Detailed knowledge of all the tools and strategies that configure and add value to a project in the health sector.
  • Detailed knowledge of the spaces that make up the different models of health centres.
  • Library of the most common materials and construction details.
  • Detailed knowledge of the functional organization of the different types of health centres.
  • Knowledge of the work tools that guarantee the achievement of the most appropriate atmospheres for each space and centre of the user's experiences.

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