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Master in Typographical Creation

Basic data


Master's Degree in Typographical Creation. Degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering


Íñigo Jerez
Laura Meseguer

ECTS Credits



Year 2019-2020


Spanish. Some workshops might be in English


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Admission requirements

• Graduate Degree in Graphic Design (Bachelor of communication, fine arts and advertising might be accepted depending on their portfolio and career)
• Professional profiles with proven experience.
• Proficiency in design softwares.
• High level of Spanish.


Can you aspire to be a good graphic designer without having a deep knowledge and own criteria on typography? How is typography adapted to channels, formats and current options?

In a time when graphic design has diluted in a variety of fields of application, and where craftwork and technology coexist in the same reality, typography has become —more than ever— the cornerstone of this profession. Typography is graphic design in its purest form, is functionality, is expression, is the drawing of the sign converted into convention, is the design and organization of complex communication systems. We cannot understand the profession of graphic design without typography.

In this specialized Master's Degree we will work in depth the analogue and the digital, two realities more complementary than ever. The programme is articulated around the project of a text typography creation. An intense learning process, whose methodology can be extrapolated to different areas of the graphic project.

We are going to project, design and produce a typography family, and then apply it within a graphic project. Designing a typography is to set up a communication system. This learning process is directly related to the expansion of formal and conceptual skills that allow a better professional development within the field of graphic design.

In the Master’s Degree in Typographical Creation (MCT, in its Spanish acronym) coexist both the microtypography in its deepest essence: the creation of a typographic family from sketch to production; with the macrotypography: the use of the letter, the word and the text on various supports. We will complement the most rigorous processes and methodologies with the creativity and the most open exploration.

Máster en Creación Tipográfica


We seek to form a typographic and graphic designer profile with the ability to adapt to a changing profession where they can develop their own consistent vision, which will be, at the same time, an open and transversal vision.

Understanding the contemporary outlook as a paradigm of the evolution of a communication system, step by step we will immerse ourselves in the calligraphic origins of typography, in the creation and implementation of the lettering in commercial environments, also in typography as an expressive tool, in the design and production of complex typographic families for communication projects, and we will explore the conceptual and formal limits of typography.

With all this experience, the students will develop a final project, where they will be able to deepen the aspects more related to their professional interests. From the production of commercial typography to the artistic direction in graphic communication projects which have its backbone in the typographic creation.

Not only for typographers! The MCT is an ideal master for those graphic designers who want to deepen and take to the limit his knowledge and his experience with typography.


  • Ability to address complex and professional projects of typographic creation.
  • Knowledge of the calligraphic tools as expressive vehicles.
  • Ability to face the process of typographical creation through the physical and volumetric materialization, the light or the texture.
  • Ability to define a brand identity through the word and logo design.
  • Ability to intervene in contemporary visual culture through the union between art direction and typography.
  • Knowledge of typography applied to the online and offline context.   The letter, the word, the line, the paragraph, and the text. Layout environments and tools. Advanced vector drawing, metrics, kerning, composites, interpolation, features, hinting, programming and production tools. In addition to an overview of different tools, methodologies and techniques of expression and typographic application.
  • Ability to adapt the typography to channels, formats and current possibilities. The three dimensions, the space and the movement generate a new scenario to explore beyond bidimensionality, breaking the rules of orthodoxy.  

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