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Storytelling: Project Philosophy and Personal Branding

Basic data


Salva Rubio

Duration // Schedule

15th to 18th July 2019 (25 hours) // From 9 a.m. to 2.15 p.m.




520 €. Bold members of Elisava Alumni will enjoy a 15% reduction.


Beginners / Intermediate


Nowadays, it is difficult to attract or maintain the public’s attention: costumers and followers live constant distractions, more options than ever, and marketing and advertising traditional techniques are not useful to attract them to our professional services are not useful anymore.

However, there are companies, influencers, professionals, products and services that are able to maintain our attention, from Apple to small artists, because their story, and the one of their products and services mixes in our own story.


  • To enable students of different backgrounds and disciplines to apply the Storytelling in an effective way in their respective fields.
  • To carry out a practical exercise (workshop) so that the students can apply the knowledge acquired in the elaboration of their own personal branding using the Storytelling.
  • To assimilate the main tools of the Storytelling in relation to the traditional narrative: theme, structure, topic, characters, etc., and to apply them.

Structure and Contents

1. Principles and basic processes of the Storytelling

  • Story vs. Data
  • Empathy and emotional connection
  • Narration as persuasion
  • The learning process as a transformation arc

Teaching Staff

Salva Rubio is a professional storyteller. He currently has different full-length films in production and development, he is a cinematographic project analyst and he also has experience in animation screenplay. As a novelist, he has published two books with Penguin Random House and is working on the third novel. As a graphic novel scriptwriter, he is preparing different works for the Le Lonbard Franco-Belgian publishing house and, as a teacher, he has taught in schools such as the European University of Madrid, ESNE or ELISAVA.

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